Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your first Model.

The first model you purchase is very important. It must be one that  a beginner can build. Nothing complicated or difficult for the first one. It is just as important that the subject matter be of interest to you. For instance, I am not interested in anything past about 1970. Now that's not to say the 2011 Camaro or Challenger doesn't interest but that's the exception to the rule. So choose your first model carefully. Ask questions.
Once I have purchased the model and got it home I will open it and look at the different parts trees. I will look at the body, frame and engine components very closely. Now I got a little ahead of the game in these photo's but you will get the idea.
Then I will read over the instruction sheet very carefully looking at the different parts of the model.
After doing these two steps the decision on the paint for the body, the interior need to be made. Which engine configuration are you going to build? Are you building it Stock, Custom or racing?
Next we need to look for areas that need touching up before we start priming or assembly.
Pin marks are marks left by the pins that release the part molded from the mold itself. In the picture below if you look closely you will see these marks at the lower edge of these panels. These marks can cause problems with getting the part to mount properly and need to be sanded down to a smooth finish.

Once these marks have been removed we are ready to get started. 
Not everyone begins a model in the same manner. However I suggest that for the first several models you simply follow the directions as you go.
Almost all instruction sheets start with the engine. On this particular model the engine is a Chevy 350. I know it a model of a 37 Ford Sedan but Chevy 350 engines were very commonly used in these old cars when they were restored.
Now as I stated earlier I kinda jumped the gun a little on this and the engine is complete except for finishing the wiring, painting the Air Conditioning Compressor and some minor touch up.

Ok, we will pause here and I will continue this tomorrow.
Enjoy your model building.
By the way I got the distributor from  Morgan Automotive Detail.

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