Tools that are needed for Building Models.

The tools that are needed range from very basic to somewhat complex. I know of people that build models and use a CNC Mill and CNC Lathe to turn out parts they use. While these tools are nice they are NOT needed when a person first gets into building models.
Here is a list of tools that will  be needed when you build your first model.
1-- A good glue. I use testor's Glue for building my models.
                          I also use super glue for those hard to handle pieces that often fall off a model.
                          And then there is Clear Testor's cement that I use for attaching glass.
                          I also use Elmer's Glue for attaching flocking in the interior.

Other tools that are real handy are;
1-- A good balanced xacto knife with # 11 blades, for trimming parts.
2-- A sprue cutter to cut parts from the trees
3-- A good pair of twezzers for those small parts.
4-- Several different small files for removing pin marks
5-- An assortment of finger nail files, yes like the ones your Mother uses.
6-- Sandpaper, I use 800, 1200 and 2000 grit.
7-- A sharp pair of scissors for cutting decals.

A helping hands magnifier.

Now you will need two good lights that attach to your bench or desk. At least I need two but then I'm 60 years old and need a lot of light.

Next time we will cover paints, rattle cans and bottles. We will look at paint booths, air-brushes and start building a model.